Matthias Walkner renews with KTM until 2020


KTM Racing is the team to beat in the motorcycle category of the
Dakar, the result of a bet of great depth and continuity in the raid harder
of the world. However, the austrian manufacturer has ever managed to win with
different generations of pilots and to give respite to the departure of big names.
The final generational change took place with the departure of Marc Coma and Joan
Pedrero, perfectly supplemented by Toby Price and Sam Sunderland, the two
past winners of the Dakar. In closing this circle, KTM has also revamped the
austrian Matthias Walkner until 2020
, ensuring a full staff of pilots
many carats.

Matthias Walkner began his sports career in
, being a great reference in this discipline with two titles
World champion MX1, and the other of MX3. Your program on raids began in 2014
signing good results that led him to compete for the first time in the
Dakar 2015
. Walkner added a stage victory and a shot at the podium positions
until he accused various mechanical problems and navigation that will away
of the top three. After winning the World Cross-Country that same year, in 2016, his experience in Dakar was less positive after
suffering a serious fall which caused a fracture of the femur

it Is clear that KTM Racing has sent a message to
, marking your program in raids will not be affected in the short term
on his arrival in MotoGP. However, the brand is working on a great
evolution of the KTM 450 Rally
and has managed to keep his team’s core
hard of its pilots. Sam Sunderland and Toby Price are the last two winners
the test and Matthias Walkner, current runner-up and a strong candidate to be able to get the ‘Touareg’
in the next few years, especially after proving that goes back to being a pilot too
fast despite the terrible fall he had in the Dakar 2016.