Max Mosley criticises the departure of Bernie Ecclestone and the new regulation


During his 16 years at the head of the FIA, Max Mosley had the opportunity to see very closely the methodology of work and business that played Bernie Ecclestone, who had already spent 15 years at the head of Formula 1 when he reached his position. Both british business leaders staged the maximum accumulation of power that, in turn, allowed the Great Circus exceeding the crushing blow of the death of Ayrton Senna, and reached levels of unprecedented growth, especially in the financial field.

The passage of time took its toll for everyone, and in their decisions, and the widespread negativity towards the work of Mosley was growing up in the decade of the 2000s until a sex scandal in 2009 put an end to his period of mandate. Now watching the sport from the outside, Mosley is lavished with very low frequency in the media, although granted interviews once in a while.

The major organizational change of the Formula 1 has ended with the reign of 39 years, Bernie Ecclestone to the front of the category has served for Mosley to come to the fore, and when asked by ITV News at a charity auction. The former agent believes that Liberty Media should have kept Ecclestone in a position of influence to take advantage of their business and personal relationships with promoters, and so to focus the work of the new address in the aspects in which the category of slack down.

“(Ecclestone) was brilliant in negotiating with the promoters, the organizers and the whole structure of the championship. For someone new, without all of those personal relationships can be difficult. If it was up to me, I would have kept doing the things that he is apparently very good, and would concentrate my efforts on doing things that have not been done up to now, such as interactive television, virtual reality, social networks, Internet and everything else. All of this has been slightly neglected in the Formula 1, and it is the class of things in which Liberty is likely to be very good”.

Mosley also stressed in the difficulty of replacing the figure of Ecclestone by the status to which managed to increase the category, on the grounds that no other competition of the FIA had a similar figure to extend the health and attractiveness of the same, despite having, in his opinion, the greatest potential for brands or fans of the Formula 1.

“In a certain way, the Formula 1 is his legacy. People tend to forget that the potential of the World Rally is, and always has been, greater than that of the Formula 1. Also the long distance races like Le Mans. But Bernie came to the Formula 1, which was great, and made it much bigger. When he was president of the FIA, not stop to think of why we couldn’t have another Bernie for the rallies or for endurance races, and simply there was none. All these different aspects of the sport could become a business as large as that of the Formula 1″.

The former president of the FIA also ruled on the change of regulation which will enter into force in 2017, which plans a considerable increase in the aerodynamic drag to get the Formula 1 more quick story. Mosley is reluctant to this position, on the basis of past experiences: “My opinion is that maybe it is going in the wrong direction. I would have wagered on less aerodynamic and maybe more mechanical grip. Plan deliberately that the cars are faster is questionable, because all the rules of the last 40 or 50 years that has established the FIA have been to make the cars slower or safer, because the speed, obviously, equates to danger“.