Max Mosley criticises the new Liberty

Max Mosley

Max Mosley is not too happy with the new owners of the F1, Max is not happy with the way we see the business and the philosophy of american Liberty, and remains somewhat doubtful of the future of the sport with the changes that are going to introduce the new owners after keeping Bernie Ecclestone’s office after so many years at the head.

former president of the FIA for 18 years, Mosley, was also in FOCA and FISA for a long time. He has seen the sport up close and alerts you of the new trails that will can backfire. Particular reference was made to a statement of Chase Carey in which he said that he wanted to turn every GP into a Super Bowl, that is to say, to make F1 a spectacle to the american…

BRatches, Carey y Brown

Max Mosley has said during the gala of Zoom Action (by the way, where they auctioned off the photos of the pilots for charitable purposes and that Bottas won last year to leave the crown to Fernando Alonso this 2017) the medium ITV, that: “Have bought a business and are in your right to believe that they can do even better, but we have to wait and see what happens. You have to be very careful, if something is not broken you should not fix it, and you have to be aware of this“.

in Addition to doubt if they will do better that Mr. And, he added: “It is easy to say and for me it is not clear what that means. What is the Super Bowl really so good? I don’t want to be rude, but americans always believe that they can do something better than anyone else and they do not always do well, there are many examples in recent history that show it.”. Although it has left the door open to the confidence that what they do to be successful.