Max Verstappen apologizes to Red Bull for their accidents in Monaco


Photo: Red Bull

From hero to villain. Max Verstappen has experienced the two faces of the sport in just two weeks. After becoming the youngest winner of the Formula 1 in his debut with Red Bull in Spain, the Dutch lived a Monaco Grand Prix to forget. A crash in qualifying forced a change of chassis and led him to take the output from the pitlane. And already in the race, after you have climbed up to the ninth square, it went back to crashing against the fences in the curve Massenet. A disastrous weekend, which has led the Dutch to apologize to his team.

I’m disappointed in myself because it is something that should not have happened and I apologize to the team, who worked very hard to prepare the car. I could not get the result you deserved and I regret a lot.

Verstappen was confident in a good result until the time of the accident and pointed to the tricky conditions as the cause of his departure from track.

Until that moment, I felt good, had a good pace, especially with the intermediate when I was able to enjoy clean air and to undertake some overtaking. unfortunately, in this track and with conditions of half wet and half dry, it is very easy to get out, and this is what happened: blocked the wheels and I got out of the line. As the exterior was still wet, I became a passenger, I hit the wall very strong and I got hurt a little bit the knee.

Despite the disappointment, the team boss, Christian Horner, has excused to Verstappen and ensured that errors are understandable in a pilot of his age and that the Dutch will draw lessons.

Has been a weekend very different for him, but it’s all part of the learning curve in which it is located. His record is impressive, it’s going to continue to learn and I very much doubt that in a year commit this type of errors. His first half of the race was very consistent, did some overtaking very good, got into the top 10 and pressed on, because Rosberg was not too far away. Unfortunately, the track conditions we were surprised, something that happened to more people.