Max Verstappen: “In the coming days we will see how fast we are”


Red Bull managed to leave behind the problems that began its period of tests, it is winter in Barcelona, and Max Verstappen enjoyed a debut productive with your new car. The pilot Dutch completed 89 laps without problems around the Catalan track and his best time, a 1:22.200, allowed him to finish in third position, behind Kimi Räikkönen and Lewis Hamilton.

Verstappen remarked afterwards to the media that “today has been very positive, we have done almost everything that we wanted. We have good impressions and we have travelled many kilometers. That was our goal, test all the parts. What we did yesterday, and that is the most important. For us, for now, it’s not about showing how fast we can be. it Is the first week, the second day of testing, so it’s much more important to do the mileage and check that all parts are good, and then we will see in the next few days how quick we are”.

In this second day, where the shooting has been more intense and have already been able to see programs that are focused on the preparation and development, have begun to establish light comparisons of the performance of the cars on the basis of the lap times and the sensations that they offer on the track. Verstappen believes that this is still a very early stage so that none of it has a lasting effect, and once again stressed the importance of being able to shoot without suffering problems:

it Is too soon to compare. They make your program, we the our, and as we will see later how good they are. We are not focused on the times, they are all doing their own programs, and it is difficult to say exactly where we are, but it has been positive. The reliability was very good, we have not had any problem. It is important to do the filming first, because it is a new motor, it is too soon to tell how the engine is, but have taken a step, and that is always positive

The young star of Dutch, that tomorrow cede the seat to Daniel Ricciardo, also had words of praise for the behavior of the new single-seaters, ensuring that your car “it was most enjoyable in the fast corners and gave the profits in the slow, also; you have a lot more traction. To find a good compromise to have a good output of the curves was very difficult last year, but with those tires and car widths, it is much better”.