Max Verstappen is displayed with a Red Bull in the snow


Photo: Red Bull

Said a few days ago, Carlos Sainz that has a monkey very large return to get in the car, and satisfied with the go-karts. He also recognized that he had been skiing with his friends. Max Verstappen has combined the desire to drive and the tracks of snow to make a display at the wheel of a Red Bull. What he did on the track Streif from the ski resort of Kitzbuhel (Austria). The car that drove over the white floor was the RB7 2011, adapted to extreme conditions, and with a few Pirelli with spikes for sure grip on the slippery surface. The car was taken by helicopter to the starting point, as you can see in the video.

Was the first exhibit of a Formula 1 in the Alps, more than 1,600 meters above the sea level. Some 3,500 fans were able to enjoy the maneuvers of Verstappen and its drawn in the snow. “it Was really fantastic and great. Keep the car on the track was a real challenge”, stated the young pilot of Toro Rosso. He was accompanied by several personalities of Red Bull, among them Helmut Marko and and Gerhard Berger. This place is known for give shares unique and Red Bull also. Max did his job very well. In his first season has had a great performance, so if it continues we will one day be world champion of Formula 1. Now we’re going to throw him track down”, joked Berger. We leave the images.