Max Verstappen sanctioned and criticized after the accident that caused in Monaco


Max Verstappen , the pilot of 17 years of Scuderia Toro Rosso caused an accident yesterday in one of the last of vuelltas Monaco Grand Prix . The rookie was strongly criticized for Felipe Massa , who questions his inexperience.


Max-Verstappen-Accidente-Monaco M ax Verstappen rose to fame a few months ago by the F1 driver youngest in history have become , provided only 16 years old. With the start of this season and already with 17 years, he remains the youngest on the grid and after serious accident that caused yesterday in Monaco are already several voices questioning its ability to sport as Formula 1.

Massa: ‘If I had wounded a result, everyone had challenged the award of the Super Licence’


Among them is Felipe Massa current pilot of Williams, who seriously questioned the ability of the Dutch to participate in Formula 1. Rookie Team Toro Rosso struck Romain Grosjean a few laps to finish the Monaco Grand Prix played in yesterday, after an miscalculation leading him to smite the containment barriers Sainte Dévote curve .

In his defense Verstappen said it was not due to his mistake, but Grosjean stopped several meters before than in previous curves. However by looking at the accident trouble understanding that had managed to stop entering the curve. Although the accident did not cause damage Felipe Massa says it is something that should not be overlooked, since according to Brazilian Verstappen braked very late, something considered very dangerous.

According to Massa, this shows that experience counts in Formula 1 and maybe if rookie 17 years of age had been hurt in the accident, everyone had questioned why Super decided to grant the license . Moreover he said he was unable to advance, was close to achieving sneak by the inside of the curve, as it was even behind.

After the accident, Verstappen was penalized five positions for the next race, in addition to lost two points of card .