Maximum security in the new Volkswagen Polo

Maximum security , the comfort and convenience found in new Volkswagen Polo , which has come to be our perfect companion when conducting our travels by car without fear of side effects of any unforeseen accident can take its toll trip, you will see the new advertising video?

máxima seguridad Volkswagen Polo

The security is one of the factors that have the most to consider when buying a car outside their aesthetic, body or technology. This item is a priority because, basically, it will depend to a large extent we can avoid any damage to the movements in the normal car.

Volkswagen are aware of it, precisely why Finally proposes a model where security plays a particularly important role. Some elements comprising their succulent and protect us against any threat that we can find the way to the desired destination is, for example, a revolutionary fatigue detection system able to identify our signs of fatigue and recommend us pause about it.

Equally interesting is his emergency braking system more anti-collision able to stop automatically after any accident, plus many other things of interest Bluemotion reduces fuel consumption control of ACC Adaptive Cruise to maintain distance and speed automatically, The Rearview Camera or the revolutionary Mirror Link system to display smartphone applications in the radio system and navigation .

Yes, to prove safety offering this exclusive model Volkswagen launches a video showing a group of friends cheering on one of his colleagues to give a kiss to a girl named Maria. What will fearlessness of youth when he opened the door he meets the mother of his beloved and plantifica a kiss with all his power.

Have you tested the safety of the new Volkswagen Polo ?

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