Maybach Mercedes Pullman, first details before debut

mercedes maybach pullman 1 Mercedes Maybach Pullman, primeros detalles antes de su debut Long ago we knew that Mercedes-Maybach Pullman , the luxurious limousine derived in turn from the Mercedes S-Class luxury, would be presented in Geneva Motor Show [1999006 ]. Throughout the various story Class S and successors have had versions Pullman, although the most famous is the one that accompanies the hero today in the header image, the Mercedes 600 (W100), now in 50 years.

The most extreme luxury Mercedes offer is included in a body no less than 6.5 meters in length with a spectacular battle of 4.41 meters and length being superior in more than one meter from the Maybach Mercedes-long battle. The body is 10 higher than that of any other Class S, which provides more headroom centimeters.

mercedes maybach pullman 2 Mercedes Maybach Pullman, primeros detalles antes de su debut A limo as the driver is driving under the most basic versions, if possible using this term, equip two seats in business class on the back although there two seats folding less comfortable to travel in the opposite direction to the march, making a total of four seats in the back. It is possible to order the Pullman without these additional seats. Otherwise the choices of materials and equipment will be at the same height as the Maybach variants already known.

The rear seats in business class allows various settings and can adjust the backrest, the backrest and footrest. The backrest allows an inclination of between 19 and 43.5 degrees while the footrest is adjustable in length and angle. The rear head restraints have a greater cushioning.

The entire interior is covered in leather and on the roof there are indications outside temperature, vehicle speed and clock. The driver and rear passenger compartment are divided by a partition of electric drive. Next to the screen there is a TV screen 18.5 “ electrically retractable.

mercedes-maybach-clase-s-7 The most powerful version of this Mercedes Maybach-Pullman will be S 600 equipped with a motor V12 biturbo 6.0-liter with 530 horses power and 830 Nm of torque just 1,900 laps.

The price for Pullman Mercedes Maybach depart at approximately 500,000 euros for unshielded versions . Deliveries of this model will begin to face in early 2016.

Source – Mercedes

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