Mazda 6: Datasheet

The new Mazda 6 is built with a SKYACTIV-Body and SKYACTIV-Chassis Chassis , where it has been proposed weight loss optimize the structure and design of the body and replace materials to produce a lighter vehicle but robust and very safe.

Ficha tecnica del nuevo Mazda 6

The advantage of exclusive gasoline engine SKYACTIV-G is an engine with high compression of 14: 1, which improves Thermal efficiency and low fuel consumption. It has developed a special 4-2-1 exhaust manifold, which prevents gases leaving the cylinder flow back into the combustion chamber.

Also new Mazda 6 has reduced the duration of combustion and pumping losses with sequential valve timing of the intake and exhaust (S-VT), a more efficient combustion.

The new SKYACTIV-Drive combines the advantages of conventional automatic gearbox and dual-clutch transmission, which provides rapid changes in consumption and economy

Two options were offered. version 2.0 l petrol engine. 145 hp , and manual transmission, with a cost of € 27,180 diesel version variant with 2.2 liter. 150 bhp and manual transmission, for a price of € 29,430 .

New Mazda 6 are equipped with help system braking city which helps the driver to prevent frontal collisions at low speed city ​​or conditions of slow traffic.

system Notification Lane Departure (LDWS) alerts the driver of lane changes unexpected and the adaptive cruise control maintains a safe distance in relation to the preceding vehicle at speeds up to 200 km / h.

Premieres regenerative braking system I-ELOOP that converts kinetic energy into speed brakes law, reuse electricity to other electrical components p. During heavy braking, emergency signal (ESS) is rapidly flashing emergency lights.

The driver information shown in multifunctional display 3.5 inches, located in the main instrument display and a 5.8-inch touch screen to control the infotainment systems able to view and read SMS, MMS and e-mail on the touchscreen.

has a BOSE premium sound system with 11 speakers, designed exclusively for Mazda 6 with virtual surround playback Bose Centerpoint 2 technology. Mazda Navigation System TomTom GPS technology. The sound system has USB and Bluetooth and AUX serial connector, and iPod connectivity.

Image Source: Mazda

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