Mazda and Toyota agree to build a plant together in the united States

Mazda y Toyota firman un acuerdo de colaboración

Mazda and Toyota have signed a major collaboration agreement.

Toyota and Mazda have signed an important agreement by which, both companies establish a strategic alliance of business. The two japanese firms come while maintaining different types of partnerships from years ago, however, had never reached an important agreement to strengthen and accelerate collaboration by both parties in a sustainable manner.

And with the aim to consolidate and strengthen its long-term collaboration, Toyota and Mazda have committed to make a stock exchange. Toyota will be with a shareholding of 5,05% of the shares of Mazda, while the latter will obtain a shareholding of 0.25 per cent of Toyota. The commitment goes by the onslaught of these five points:

  1. Construction of a plant for joint production of vehicles in the united States
  2. joint Development of technologies for electric vehicles
  3. Development of technologies in the field of connectivity
  4. to Collaborate in advanced technologies in the field of security
  5. Expansion of complementary products

Mazda y Toyota firman un acuerdo de colaboración

Both companies are committed to build a manufacturing plant of vehicles in the united States.

Without a doubt, the first two points are the most relevant of this agreement. For the construction of a ground joint in the united States, Toyota and Mazda will fund the project equally. Will have an annual production capacity of approximately 300,000 vehicles. Although it is pending approval and authorisation by the public authorities are relevant, to the President of the united States of America, Donald Trump, has shown his satisfaction.

The plant will require an estimated investment of 1600 million us dollars, and will create around 4000 jobs. What models will be produced at this new factory? In the case of Mazda, expects to make its SUV model with a view to market them in the u.s. market. For his part, Toyota has planned to produce the Corolla in its version specific for north America.

on the other hand, Toyota and Mazda to explore the joint development of new technologies with which to respond to the demand and expectations on electric vehicles. Will also work on the creation of new technologies of information systems and multimedia entertainment on board aimed toward the concept known as the “car connected”. And in last place, the two brands will explore new possibilities for the “exchange” of products on a global scale. Currently, Mazda is supplying Toyota a compact sedan in north America. For its part, Toyota provides Mazda in Japan a van compact commercial of two volumes.