Mazda begins manufacturing the MX-5 RF 2017


The first issue that comes out of the factory has as destination Europe.

Mazda Motor Corporation has announced from Japan the beginning of the production of the new Mazda MX-5 RF) Retractable Fastback, the version of the retractable hard top of the popular roadster japanese. The operations began yesterday on the floor 1 of Ujina, facilities close to the headquarters of the brand, in Hiroshima.

reported Mazda in the same press release, the first units manufactured have as a target the north american markets and the european, in fact, the first issue that came off the production line was born, with european specifications, and is the unit whose images illustrate this article.

For the time being we do not have exact date of their launch, neither in Europe nor in our market, however, the firm has confirmed that it will be to the beginning of 2017. These first units that come out now from the factory the japanese have been preceded by the 1,000 copies of the MX 5 RF Launch Edition, being intended solely for the u.s. market.


opening Sequence of the hardtop.

This new and interesting version of the MX-5 combines the advantages of the body-coupe and targa in a single model. Although the previous-generation model had a hard top version of swing, the appearance of the roof once closed, did not have the classic silhouette of the coupé that the current version does, with a B pillar that extends over the rear by way of a buttress, as in the former motor sports central.

The only time that Mazda had a MX-5 with this silhouette was with the coupe version of the second generation of the model, called interestingly Mazda Roadster Coupe, despite having a roof entirely closed. Launched exclusively in Japan in 2003, this rare version was very little time in selling and it was not exported to other markets.

The new version MX-5 RF will have the same mechanics that the version roadster conventional, two blocks of 4 cylinders of 1.5 and 2.0 liters, with 131 and 160 HP respectively. As a novelty, Mazda will incorporate in this version, a new six-speed automatic transmission.