Mazda confirmed that it will launch a new electric car in 2019

Mazda Demio EV

The Mazda2 is known in Japan as “Demio” and there was launched an electric version. Mazda Demio EV.

Mazda is not oblivious of the electric revolution that is living the automotive sector. Over the next decade, the major manufacturers will flood the market with a great variety of electric vehicles. Brands such as Mercedes or Volkswagen are already working on it. And let’s not talk about others such as Nissan or Tesla Motors, which are already a benchmark in the segment.

According to the previsions that deck Mazda, for the year 2020 they expect that about 10% of the total enrollment correspond to electric cars. It is for this reason that, when you reach that date, they want to be prepared. Mazda has announced the launch of a new electric car by the year 2019. Taking advantage of the celebration of the Auto show in Los Angeles In 2016, Kiyoshi Fujiwara, Head of Research and Development of Mazda, has highlighted the importance of reducing the cost of the batteries to continue to grow the potential of electric vehicles.

Although for the moment it is not official, already published information by various means such as JapanTimes that suggest that the development of the new electric car of Mazda will be possible thanks to a collaboration agreement with Toyota. For now there are no details on if we will find a new vehicle, or a version of “electrified” of some of the models that currently make up the range of Mazda.

Mazda Demio EV

The new electric car of Mazda will be the result of collaboration with Toyota.

Fujiwara has already made it clear that the project is in a state very early. However, the fact that Fujiwara’s comment on the possibility that the new electric vehicle company you do not need a specific platform as “you will not need to assemble large packages of batteries”, makes us think more about the option of developing an electric version of any of the current models. Kiyoshi Fujiwara has also pointed out that the project will not need to do search of “design solutions to adapt all the network electrical and mechanical”.

will Not be the first electric car of Mazda

a few years Ago, Mazda has already made his first steps in the segment of the electric vehicle entering the Mazda Demio EV. A kind of pilot project to gather information and data about the driving habits of the japanese and the main issues that should address the drivers of an electric vehicle. Recall that the Mazda Demio is the equivalent to the Mazda2 in europe.

Were manufactured 100 units of the Mazda Demio EV and all of them were intended to be used by government institutions and some companies from a certain region of the country of the rising sun. With an aesthetic that only differed in the model with a combustion engine thanks to a few records that revealed that we are faced with an electric vehicle, the Demio EV had a range of nearly 200 miles.