Mazda CX-4: the Mazda Koeru production is discovered in its early spy photos


After knowing him a few months ago, the Mazda Koeru Concept we dazzled. Presented in the past Frankfurt show 2015, the dynamic silhouette of this prototype draws a crossover very sporty, with 4,60 meters in length is located, by dimensions, very close to the Mazda CX-5. In fact, it shares its platform with this model.

After confirming that the Mazda Koeru will come to production, we now have new news about it. Precisely these are the first pictures of the production model, expected to be adopted by the denomination Mazda CX-4, something that has not yet been confirmed officially: we do not rule out completely that rescue finally the name Mazda CX-7, as used before.

These images, courtesy of our friends at Indian Autos Blog, comes from a factory of Mazda in China, and in them one can see how there is a more obvious continuity between the Mazda Koeru prototype and this model of (pre -) production.

There are changes more evident, as these spectacular alloy wheels of 21 inches that have been lost in the way, in addition to handles of doors or the mirrors, but the design has been respected quite faithfully.

Other minor changes come from the front: in this Mazda CX-4 you can enjoy some optics and front bumper are slightly different, with a most simple design and which is comparable to that of models as the Mazda CX-3 and CX-5.


┬┐There is a place for a ‘crossover’ more within Mazda? believe So from within the brand, and this Mazda CX-4 will be very close to the own CX-5, but with an orientation more sporting than this and a design more similar to that of the CX-3. Its official presentation will take place in the coming months, incorporating engines SKYACTIV four-cylinders and low consumption, diesel and gasoline.