Mazda CX-5 2018, first spy photos


The detail allows us to visualize the shape of the new headlights of the CX-5

These are the first images we have of the Mazda CX-5 2018. The transition from this generation to the next still have to wait a few years but on this first occasion that he has been caught by our photographers gives us the feeling that is in a very advanced stage of its development. Under the lightweight camouflage hides the body final of the model as well as the optics that mount the units to the customers and companies.

carefully Observing the images we can get to say that Mazda has decided to give a new step in this CX-5 to a character premium for its replacement. Their lines become more dynamic and flow in a manner similar to the well-known Mazda CX-4 intended solely for the chinese market.


It looks like the CX-4 that is sold in China, although more compact and more practical design for its occupants

For example, your headlights sharpen their proportions, reminding us of both the SUV exclusive for the asian giant as the tiny lenses of the new Mazda MX-5, which make reference to the Miata original. These also may be chosen optionally with headlights Full LED intelligent that offer increased lighting and security at all times.

Inside the cabin you will find a selection of materials and adjustments of higher category, especially in the finishes, more high where the SUV must show up to where you can reach. In the same way we talk about the equipment, technology and assists the driving, of which we will see higher doses in this new generation. In this section, the CX-5 also will be influenced by the recent Mazda CX-9.


The offer mechanics, in principle, will be similar to the current one as it is not expected to have engines SKYACTIV of new generation until at least 2020, however this will not prevent the signature japanese again demonstrate that today’s naturally aspirated engines, less complex and more reliable than the turbo, to be a real alternative that offers good results in terms of efficiency and performance. In addition, the new models, Mazda will continue to embrace for a better aerodynamics and weight reduction to get it.

on the other hand, los Mazda CX-5 diesel will become global so that they will arrive to markets as important as the united States despite how hard it is today to sell that type of movement on the other side of the puddle.