Mazda CX-9, so it would be the new generation based on the prototype Koeru

mazda-cx-9-koeru (2)Mazda is about to renew his big SUV. The american market, which demand large SUV is the one that calls for a renewal of the Mazda CX-9, a model already with a long career under the arm and that seems to be renewed bet in the next few months. The Mazda Koeru Concept seemed a down payment, and now we imagine your production version.

The Koeru left us impressed to mean not only a evolution of design KODO that are now populating the range of the manufacturer, but that was an entry by the big door in the fashion of the SUV sporty coupe styling. DesignRM now shows us how it could be the model for street in a couple of new and very successful recreations.

Mazda CX-9 recreación Koeru ConceptWhat is certain is that not much has changed compared to the prototype, simply by adding details such as tuition or a few mirrors more realistic. Have touched up some places as the front. Now it looks headlamps the more conventional and large, still forming part of the bottom frame of the grill. But also include a few blades to the same fine and a new fog.

The rear is the most striking and attractive. Maintains the design basis of the prototype with a fall from the ceiling very soft and sport. The pilots are also more realistic and close to what is present in the current range of Mazda, while the escapes lose their position integrated in the bumper and go under and exposed. There are also catadióptricos in the air intakes of the prototype.

we don’t know if the Koeru is or is not a foretaste of a real renewal of the Mazda CX-9, but gives us to think. It could be just a foretaste of how it will be its new generation of SUV, obviating the CX-5, which was already born with genes KODO. In any case, there will be that wait at least until next year to know what happens with the Koeru and if, in fact, is the new CX-9.

Source – DesignRM