Mazda CX-March 2015: A comprehensive range of engines for the new bestseller Mazda

The figures in Mazda in Spain in recent years are spectacular. And even more will be in the coming years, do not doubt whatsoever, among other things thanks to the launch of Mazda CX-March 2015 , which you see on these lines. On more than one occasion I tried to imagine what might have been figures CX-5 with a smaller diesel engine. Meanwhile, it seems that the idea concern to Mazda, which already faces the final stretch of the launch of Mazda CX-3, which clearly will be your new bestseller world. A model which should enjoy a full engine range and combinations and transmission and front-wheel drive , which we detail below.

The Mazda CX-3 is one of the lightest models and savers in diesel in its class. Have multiple combinations of engine and transmission drive, including a front automatic petrol engine and traction.

Although Mazda made the decision, irreverent, to launch the new Mazda CX-3 only with diesel engines in Japan – of which I will speak later with the particular vision that has about the Program Manager product – in Spain (and Europe) will also be sold with gasoline engines.


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