Mazda delays the arrival of its diesel engines to the united States by the Dieselgate

restyling-mazda-6-3When, in the year 2012, Mazda launched the current generation of the Mazda 6 in united States, announced that in 2013 it would reach engines diesel to the market, starting with the own vehicle. The case is that it was not so, and the launch of the engines Skyactiv-D in the complex north american market has been postponed on repeated occasions. 2016 was the last scheduled date, but due to the scandal Dieselgate of Volkswagen, Mazda prefer to be cautious and wait.

The japanese are going to take it easy for the launch of the diesel engines, expecting that after discovering the fraud of Volkswagen with emissions of NOx, local authorities become more stringent, and a hardening of the approval processes. Mazda has been working all these years in tuning their engines Skyactiv-D to comply with the severe regulations imposed on these engines the other side of the Atlantic.

Mazda SkyactivMazda has not given up in this aspect, which is what might be after the scandal at Volkswagen, not only will affect the reputation of the German group, but also to the little ones diesel engines in general. From the massive problems with the diesel engines of Oldsmobiles, americans do not appreciate the diesel, regardless of the cheap petrol is permitted. This uncertainty makes it that Mazda can’t give us an exact date for the marketing of diesel engines in the united States.

Currently, in Spain, the Mazda 6 is offered with diesel engines of four cylinders and 2.2 litres of displacement in the versions of 150 and 175 horses, both with the possibility of manual change or automatic, and even all-wheel drive. One of the main advantages of these engines is that they do not require the AdBlue additive injection into a catalyst specific to comply with the Euro 6 legislation, while in the united States this would probably be one of the different solutions to be adopted.

Source – Automotive News Europe

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