Mazda: evolution of 50 years of rotary engine in a video of 40 seconds

On occasions, the maximum simplicity may result in a video of the most illustrative and with a great visual appeal. Mazda wanted to remind us that the rotary engine is back, almost coinciding with its fiftieth anniversary. Remember that Mazda began working with the rotary motors to the mid-sixties, with a first launch in 1967, the Mazda Cosmo (Mazda 110’S), which, as its name indicates it was equipped with an engine of 110 HP, and two rotors.

The first rotary engine from Mazda would come to the dealers in 1967, with a Cosmo (Mazda 110’S) that achieved a significant competitive advantage to enjoy a low tax rate (due to their reduced displacement) and very good performance, because it was powerful.

That release would be an event in Japan, where the Cosmo would enjoy a significant competitive advantage. The employment of a rotary engine ensured important tax advantages, enjoy the front very low (less than a liter), and yet not sacrifice performance, because his power was raised to its displacement.

The video that has been created by Mazda, with the simplicity of the strokes of each model on a dark background, we have been delighted to. Also by the fact that not merely to show us the silhouette of models of production, but also of prototypes as spectacular as the Mazda RX500, 1970. So up to the recently introduced Mazda RX Vision.