Mazda introduces two new patent for rotary engine


The Mazda RX Vision was the last show of the mark of a rotating mechanical complete.

Have appeared two new patents of Mazda related technology of rotary engine. These have appeared in the register of the u.s. patent and present two applications or systems associated with this type of engines.

on the one hand we find the outline of an electric vehicle of extended range in the the rotary motor causes the electrical generator. A scheme very similar to the prototype Mazda2 RE Range Extender few years ago. This had a small rotor 330 c. c. that was not connected to the wheels, but that was generator that fed the batteries. As we can see in the scheme above, the patented concept is the same.

On the front axle we find an electric motor, powered by batteries that are located between the axles. While on the rear axle, we find the rotating mechanical feeds the batteries once these are downloaded.


The second patent registered is a system Stop&Start that is specific to mechanical rotary. The absence of valves in an engine of this type implies that the system should stop the motor precisely when the rotor is clogging the intake, as it may escape by it fuel or gas.

One of the applications that Mazda has been pointed out in this patent it is precisely for rotors employed in solutions as described previously, in electric extended range.

The choice of a mechanism of this type to feed a electric extended range are not casual, its small size do not lose too much space and allows not to raise too much the weight of the powertrain, in addition to be quite softer than the mechanical conventional, so that it is not necessary to isolate both the sound, resulting in an improvement in weight and cost.


These patents do not surprise so much as the recording the design of a new rotating mechanical supercharged, which was discovered after the mark submission of the spectacular concept RX Vision. However, by the time Mazda has denied that in the near future we can see again a successor of the saga RX on the street. At least while there is no budget to be able to burn for this project.