Mazda Japan is already accepting orders for the new SUV CX-8

few months Ago we showed the first images of that would be the SUV largest Mazda for the japanese market, the CX-8. Just as happens in the rest of the world markets, the way everything are canibalizando the sales of the other segments, and in Japan the typical mpvs large are succumbing to them. For this reason, the signature of Hiroshima wanted to have in your market native a model with a capacity for 7 passengers.

As we all know, Mazda is one of the few brands that still walks alone in the sector so you can not assume certain risks, and it alone. For this reason, we develop a model of these features that is only going to be sold in a country it was something far-fetched. Taking into account this situation, the brand’s engineers decided to opt for an intermediate solution that passed through use the base of the CX-9 sold in the united States and adapt it to their needs.

When the base was ready they realized that they had another problem, and was no other than the excessive width of the joint. In Japan, the space available is much smaller than that in the united States, and for this reason they had to redesign the platform (to reduce the width of tracks) and create a new scheme for damping. The only dimension that has remained of the original platform is its distance between axles (2,93 m) as the CX-8 had to accommodate the same number of passengers, the CX-9.

Another differences that will have the Mazda CX-8 vs. CX-9 will be your range mechanics. In the united States the way everything japanese has only petrol engines, however, in Japan, the CX-8 will only be moved by a diesel engine. The option chosen is a review of the block Skyactiv-D 2.2-liter displacement that instead of delivering 175 hp delivers 188 hp and 332 Nm of torque. The strength of this motor will be operated using a gearbox with automatic cut out and a six-speed that sends the torque to both the front axle as to the four wheels.

In question technology, the Mazda CX-8 incorporates the latest innovations of the brand, as the system G-Vectoring Control or support for active driving as the traffic alert rear (RCTA), the system of assistance to the braking in the city (Smart City Brake) or control of dead angle (BSM). In addition, in its interior will feature the latest evolution of the system, Mazda Connect (MZC Connect) or seats of electrical regulation, among other items.

In these days Mazda accepts orders for the CX-8 with a starting price located in 30 thousand euros. Now we have to wait if they finally decide to launch it in other markets or if it eventually stays in Japan. In Europe sure that it would have its niche in the market.

Source – Mazda

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