Mazda MX-5 Cup 2016 on approval: we put ourselves to the steering wheel of the Miata of races

Barcelona. Mazda does not return to mention us in the count city to present a new product to us but no, in this occasion is not a matriculable model, either a conceptual model. Those of Hiroshima want that we know the initiative “Friends of MX-5”, a program that can take to you to run in a video-game to run with a Mazda MX-5 real Cup and that is what indeed we have done in the circuit of Castellolí, to prove Mazda MX-5 of races, to know first hand a lightened Miata, with a good list of new ingredients in its part cycle and with which another horse more. As you already know (“25 years of the myth, 25 years of Mazda MX-5: face to face between the first and last generation”) new the Mazda MX-5 has to me totally conquered, it will have been able to still more surprise the version to me of races?


In the test of Mazda MX-5 Cup I accompany Johnny to us herbert, old pilot of F1 and recently of the present time after a “collision” with Fernando Alonso.

Noon. After a fast food between the airport and the airplane we arrived at the hotel. Sun in Barcelona, the beach to overflow and one hour of margin until ours first appointment with the brand, a press conference in Mazda Space, that local tuna that the brand has in the district of the Born who has turned to Barcelona into epicenter of the presentations of the brand. A fast look to a book on the three generations of Mazda MX-5 (“History of Mazda MX-5: 25 years of a myth”), a fast bath in the swimming pool and we start up, I have been looking around in the social networks and seems that in Mazda Space a myth waits for everything to us: Mazda 787b.

Mazda has arranged to the occasion, to present us the program “Friends of MX-5”, to the three generations of Mazda MX-5 and yes, indeed, he is 787b. Beautiful what, what spectacular and what wonder to be able to have dinner, more ahead, next to similar icon. I give a return around the three generations, of that Mazda MX-5 Na (the first generation) white, of the Nb, of the Nc, a photo to 787b, tuit, a photo in instagram… begins the oh and press conference! Surprise, Johnny Herbert, the British pilot who won already in Le Mans with 787b almost 15 years ago is going to us to accompany during the day…

And yes, just he agrees with the later days to the scandal with Fernando Alonso. Than good account we will give with him, with Johnny Herbert, more ahead.

It is not only. Next to Johnny Herbert, we were with the very same Yamamoto San, father of program MX-5, the final one in charge (obvious yet an equipment behind) of which the new MX-5 goes so well. In addition also the pilot of Mazda Tom Long and Evan Maillard, a top in this of the virtual races of iRacing is with us.

What is that of “Friends of MX-5”?

Mazda wants to stimulate to the important community of fans to Mazda MX-5 with this program del who you can know more details in the social networks Mazda.

No matter how much the strong plate is the test of Mazda MX-5 Cup I cannot ignore what it has brought to us here, the putting of length of a program to stimulate, to move, to the community of fans to Mazda MX-5 with a contest in which fastest in a simulation game they will be able to get to put itself after the steering wheel of the Miata of races, of Mazda MX-5 Cup in the very same circuit of Dry Lagoon.

For this Mazda contest a championship in iRacing is preparation, a championship in which the best ones will be classified to participate in a race with the Mazda MX-5 real Cup or and that will be celebrated in Barcelona, giving step as well, to fastest to one second call or in Dry Lagoon.

A good reclamation no?
The truth is that it is not the first time that we see that possibility of giving the jump from the screens to a real car of races, famous (and with native dyes) is the case of Lucas Ordoñez with Nissan.

We speak of iRacing, of the car of races, the important paper of “the miatera” community, of the relation between the brand and the followers of this model… and Mazda leave us with a spectacular data: 65% of the cars of races in the USA are… yes, Miatas. Impressive.

We give to good account of dinner in own Mazda Space, returning to us every few minutes to again appreciate to Mazda 787b and we retired rather soon. Tomorrow it is called on to maintain course to the circuit of Castellolí to try, among others experiences, to Mazda MX-5 Cup.

A brief review to the ingredients of the cocktail “Mazda MX-5 Cup”:


We are already telling carefully all the details you of Mazda MX-5 Cup, but as a brief review it is possible to remember that this Miata counts on the atmospheric motor of 2 liters of cubicaje, a motor that counts on a new ECU, a new admission and a new system of escape, obtaining between 15 and 20 horses from the 160 original horses.

All the interior has been lightened, is a cage antiupset, buckets, instrumentation and steering wheel of competition. In addition there is a new adjustable suspension, his brakes they are to the position of Brembo, appear some new rims with slicks and the refigeración of the mechanical set improves.

Made the presentations it is the hour to verify as one develops…

If the street car, of series, is already good…


A MX-5 Cup leaves shot from pitlane and a deafening melody invades the environs of boxes. We wait for impatient our turn in one of them in whom Mazda has prepared a breakfast and some simulator with iRacing. Yamamoto San in fact is running in one of them.

They are little more of the 9 in the morning, one hour before Barcelona dismissed to us with rain but luckily, now in Castellolí, the sun shines and asphalt is dry. Croissant fast and we began with the photos.

The group of Spanish journalists we are first in putting us to the steering wheel of Mazda MX-5 Cup. During the rest of the day it waits for another circuit to us, smaller, with the car of street and a sliding track in which to put our ability on approval skidding, but before we must contain the helmet to us, cross the cage antiupset of this Mazda MX-5 and put to us after its steering wheel of alcántara.

A MX-5 Cup more lines up the straight line of boxes with an exaggerated roar. It sounds spectacular.

While first they go to track I am useful to estimate some details of a unit parked in one of boxes. I carefully pay attention to the mentioned cage antiupset, the welds, the anchorages… toqueteo its cockpit, those seats, the new instrumentation… has an incredible dot.

They call to me, I must put the helmet to me, is my turn.



I strain the legs by the cage, I am placed in bucket, jam the harness and hope to that they give green light me. A car is going to exert of “hare” with a pilot of the brand after the steering wheel, I verify as in this version of races the handle also has that characteristic tremor that has the street car, that it has from the first generation.

Inserted first and it is there, the good tact of always, that defective hard, those short routes…

I accelerate, I raise the clutch, I line up the fine one of boxes, thorough pedal, again that metallic melody of its escape… that delight.


To the good completion of series it is now united an adjustable suspension and some to him slicks that embroiders the set, transmitting to us still more confidence.

The lack of isolation is made notice when happening gravel through the wheel passages, although any outer sound is practically deafened to escape blow. The instrumentation illuminates, inserted a new march, I glimpse the first curve, nail the brakes and Mazda MX-5 Cup gives back one pleasing forcefulness to me and what is better, a shining passage by curve. Obvious this finishes beginning, but of course it points ways.

To the sensation of the sound of the escape without ceiling some, of the inner lightened one, the good tact of the change, is united one now to him signs direction and taring of suspensions that ask to you to shouts that you throw yourself in each curve without considerateness, leaving us before a easily controlable set, with a very neutral behavior in which really everything by kilos and kilos of diversion to the steering wheel notices the good maridado distribution of weights.

We have the original concept of the Miata taken now at a new level when adding itself to the equation a suspension still more signs, a new melody and a great confidence when approaching (and when leaving) each curve.

Inserted a march to is of the lights of the instrumentation. The escape sighs.


The cage antiupset, the seats, the steering wheel, the instrumentation… from the first one secondly you feel absorbed by the competition atmosphere.

Nonsouth wind really great prestacionales differences with respect to Mazda MX-5 of 160 horses of street, although clearly, is easy to let itself take by the sound of the escape and think that we go much more fast. In track Mazda MX-5 continues being a car of sensations in curve more than of accelerations of infarct.

The sensation enchants to me that arrives to me from the handle of the transmission in each change, that second in which the escape stops making fun of while inserted the march to return to shake my ears very instantaneously. The atmosphere could not more be “racing” and the sensations could not be better.

It is easy to take and he is really funny, competitive? I do not have references in a same track with a Renault Clio Cup, with a Ginetta… but I enchant to me as this Mazda MX-5 Cup goes, would like to see me in a full grill of Miatas rugiendo, fighting to us to gain a position.

I return to boxes, I lessen the march, they indicate the point to me in that I must stop, small change the harness, a member of the equipment of Mazda asks to me, I answer getting up the thumb and I leave for, next, turning themselves and returning to contemplate to this Miata of races. It enchants to me.



During our stay in Castellolí we could speak distendidamente with Johnny Herbert on his declarations on Fernando Alonso and Herbert stayed firm in his position, inviting to Alonso to retire.

Johnny Herbert is next to the car del that I finish lowering, also he has lowered of a MX-5 Cup does little seconds and after seeing me with the helmet in the hand he also asks to me on what it has seemed me this MX-5. Both we praised quickly his effectiveness in the passage by curve, the balance balance of weights and its sound. “Put the helmets to you” warn to us, is necessary to return to track, that yes, now like copilot.

Herbert demonstrates the slow thing that she was rolling with the MX-5, far that was worrying the brakings, smooth that restrained and the little to me (compared with him) decision with which she was confronting the curves. He always passes the same. You lower to you of the car at issue, the turn pilot puts itself and you receive the corresponding ration of humility. By very fast that you have rolled and very well that you have gone. At the end of the return with Herbert we return to make reference to the firm passage by curve with some fast gestures while we entered the pit lane. We hit the hands, “we see ourselves soon”. Me under the car and I clear the helmet to me while the following companion realizes the inverse process.

Yamamoto San observes the dance of journalists, members of organization and MX-5 Cup. I take advantage of and interchange some first words with him through its translator. I ask to him for a version MPS, smiles and it says to me that it cannot comment nothing to me, I praise bravery to send Mazda MX-5 RF, we interchanged impressions on the MX-5 Cup, I congratulate to him by the work with this new generation of Mazda MX-5 and end up teaching a few photos to him of my MX-5.

With the helmet still in the hand I go to the stopped unit that was been “gossiping” before entering track. I unholster the camera while support the case in the ground and make some photos to its interior. A few companions approach with Yamamoto San and this he comes to teach to us to part by part the car, shelling all the details related on its chassis, on its mechanics. It opens the trunk and it teaches to us since the battery has been relocated, opens the hood and it teaches the new bar to us of turrets.

They notice to us from the organization that the Spanish group must happen to the following point. As it mentioned before ahead we have a test of handling in a smaller circuit with the series car, also we proved the simulator iRacing and we did something of “drift” in a sliding track, but sufficient I have spoken already of the MX-5 of “street” in other occasions like continuing extending to me.

I do not know if it will be the most effective car in track of his category, but I am of Mazda MX-5, street, am of races:


We return to the airport, is in the evening, the airlift of Iberia is delayed and I am useful to read something before embarking or rather, I am useful to maintain a magazine while I give returns him to the impressions with Mazda MX-5 Cup.

The street car, Mazda MX-5 “normal”, seems to me an exceptional, round product. He is funny, it is perfectly valid in the day to day and has a good price. Bet by simplicity and is able to cause that quickly you feel like in communion with the car and this same idea, that facility, that, blessed, simplicity, you find it in the car of races next to a good completion, some slick that considerably improve the behavior, its sound and the possibility of enjoying all this wrapped by a cockpit of races, by that cage antiupset, buckets…

I return to say that I do not know how of cash he will be against the time-trial in trackday or in a competition that is not the own glass of Mazda MX-5, against other alternatives, other cars of races among 40,000 and 60,000 Euros… but in you to you have to me conquered this new generation of Mazda MX-5.