Mazda MX-5 ND vs NC: what smaller means less space?


Opening the door means entering a new world of sensations at the wheel. The Mazda MX-5 is characterized by its fun and the shooter, extremely low in both models is a statement of intentions. Surprising that it is more pleasant to the touch old to the modern to open the door.

however, the good feelings are reversed once you gain access to the interior. The new version has a more pleasant, in part motivated by a few leather seats more ergonomic.

The lumbar spine is more prominent and in the NC ergonomics it promises to relieve back pain on long trips (just by entering a jersey to support). A good detail to have been fixed.


The finishes are similar, with hard plastics everywhere, and adjustments for improvement. The new Mazda MX-5 has view areas whose shots ‘sing’ which can be better integrated, as in some joints of trim under the climate control.

The brake hand remains on the right side

overall, however, the visual perception is of a car of first class, with top-stitching and red trim on the doors. The plastics, although hard, are of better quality.

I Mention the trim because at least you don’t have a NC to finish high, there is a lining in the doors, or leather, or padded plastic. Hard plastic and almost toy, that if you’re not careful you can make a mark for a lifetime.


Comparative Mazda MX-5 where we can leave our belongings?

the style of The ND in the doors has broken the schemes of the monotony, inspired by Italy and the top trim is painted in the body color, looking like an extension of the same.

The buttons of the windows have been moved from the centre tunnel to the doors but still maintaining the automatic function only to drop the crystals; not to upload them (however, the window is small and the route is very short).

The steering wheel is new, with a design that in my opinion has been ‘gentrified’ and his personality is less than that in the NC, that there were three radios straight and well defined. The modern is more sporty, with the typical bulges on the position of the ‘two minus ten,’ and many buttons that indicate that we are sitting in a car technology.


Without a doubt evolution is at least quite nice

And is also demonstrated by the box of instruments, which for the first time incorporates a digital display with a display frankly successful. The prominence is given to the tachometer and the speed has a secondary role.

Not only because the car is not designed to be a bullet, but because the main focus is to measure the rpm’s to spend the best time… even if it is less than 100km/h. A sentence that has lost traditional elements, like the pressure of the oil, although it is time to modernise. And of course, nothing to do with the antiquated instrument panel of the outgoing version, with a computer on board with what is right and necessary.

The dashboard continues to maintain a horizontal structure with diffusers, round air-conditioning, although on this occasion they have a better finish and greater prominence in the ends. The surfaces give a feeling of higher quality. And of course, we have replaced the classical radio by a modern screen of 7 inches with the handle all the connectivity of the car.


Comparative details, Mazda MX-5 2015 below

The graphics are at the height of some cars Premium, and the handling is intuitive, although the refresh of some menus could be faster. As for example when loading the list of available radio stations.

below, the controls for the climate control, best presence in this generation and with a touch less ‘clunky’. Immediately below, the buttons for the heated seats and USB inputs and AUX. In the NC, as we have only AUX, the small space of the heated seats, is a small hollow additional very little practicable.

A detail that has not been lost is the hand brake located on the right side. In Japan and in the United Kingdom, two key markets for the Mazda MX-5, they drive on the right side. Instead of creating two versions of the centre tunnel, has been chosen the same for all. It’s neither good, nor evil, but once more, it is difficult to pull the parking brake in a vertical way.


Mazda MX-5 2015: detail of the hollow slide of the centre tunnel

The small hollow slide, tunnel central hides, in the NC, two small coasters that join two more that are in the doors. Are not required four spaces with the same purpose, but in the ND there is a little dent profitable.

The gate, in the old model is better resolved because it slides comfortably back under the plastic moulding in the centre tunnel. In the model 2015, is open from the front to the back and is vertical between the two passengers.

Way a little, especially when the coasters are two separate parts removable, that are housed right in the area most delayed of the centre tunnel. For my driving position, they don’t bother me but the drivers higher, they are uncomfortable with their presence. In the area of the airbag there is a slot to insert one of the coasters to make more accessible the drink to the pilot.


Above MX-5 2014, comparison of network windproof

the biggest problem of The new model is the search spaces. You do not have a glove compartment nor the old networks of the doors. Only the gap left between the two seats, which in this generation is substantially more large and deep, and two traps behind the two seats. In this sense, once more, the classic model is better designed… but who needs space in a roadster?