Mazda MX-5 RF: this is how it folds its fascinating hardtop video

The Mazda MX-5 RF began to occur at the beginning of the month so you still have a few more months so that their future owners can enjoy the sport. The amazing version of body with hardtop based on the current generation of the roadster now shows us how complicated is your process of opening and closing of the roof. Mazda solved the riddle by throwing a video in which is shown by a X-ray vision how to move the multiple mechanisms that make it possible for the transformation from coupé to cabrio.

Fastback and cabrio, 2 in 1

it All starts with the push of a button on the center console, just below the controls for the climate control. Your drive upward, where it appears the silhouette of a convertible, begins a series of mechanisms to clear the roof over the heads of its occupants.


The transformation from Coupe to Cabrio and vice versa is performed in seconds

In the first place, a gear decouples the ceiling of the windshield frame, then the panels that make up the feature line of your body-Fastback are slightly elevated and set apart to be displaced towards the rear, this leaves enough space to the roof will fold in two sections, and hide behind the seats. Finally, the above-mentioned panels of the hardtop back to its place hiding the roof stored.

a Few seconds separate us from driving to heaven open

This same process is re-enable the reverse when we want to return to enjoy our sporting mode coupe, with the caveat that we need to push the button down to the silhouette of a coupé. All of this happens in just a few seconds as you can appreciate. Easy Isn’t It?

The current generation of the Mazda MX-5 has a canvas roof practicable, the price of which in Spain from 25.550 €. its offer is composed by two thrusters atmospheric SKYACTIV-G four-cylinder, a 1.5 litres of 131 HP and a 2.0 liters of 160 HP. The body of the hardtop will have a price increase.