Mazda plans to launch engines Skyactiv-3 as energy efficient as an electric

Mazda is developing a new technology to their petrol engines, that could end up being as clean as an electric car. The head of engines of the japanese brand gave this news during a conference on the technical progress, in which she also revealed the name that will receive these thrusters: Skyactiv-3.

The main objective that has Mazda is to increase the thermal efficiency of their engines. A value that in petrol engines, current is usually between 30 and 40%. At least in production cars conventional that you can have access to it, because Mercedes already broke a record of efficiency in the engine of his F1, which reached a efficiency in laboratory 50%.

The thermal efficiency indicates the amount of energy that can take advantage of a motor to move the vehicle without loss in the form of heat. The chief engines of Mazda, Mitsuo Hitomi, stated that they are in a position to increase the thermal efficiency of their engines in a 27%, for to achieve an overall efficiency of 56%.

thermal Efficiency Skyactiv-3 to match the electrical

To achieve this level of efficiency, Mazda achieved some emissions that would be on par with those of an electric vehicle. Of course, taking into account the emissions created in the process of creation of electrical energy, its distribution and its stored. According to own calculations of Mazda, once you measure all this activity, some electric vehicles are actually more dirty than some of the gasoline vehicles more fuel-efficient in the world.

although Hitomi is not marked a date on which we will be able to see the engines Skyactiv-3 of new generation, yes you mentioned that this technology would give internal combustion engines a greater chance to survive long-term to the arrival of the electric.

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