Mazda re-call their clients to check the seating of the urban 2 and compact 3

Mazda 2

Any safety campaign that is realized in any model of car can prevent accidents and fatalities. This premise is the one that follows all the brands of cars (except dishonorable occasions) because they want to maintain an image of quality to consumers. The firm that today we bring to you with a call to review is the japanese Mazda, but what is not new is the reason for your call to review.

a while Ago the signature of Hiroshima I detect that the element that acts as a junction between the base of the seat cushion and the backrest of the seats of some of its cars was failing. According to the first notification if this item were broken when the vehicle is in motion the driver may lose the driving position and therefore suffer involuntarily in an accident against a vehicle or output of the pathway.

Mazda 3

The models that were affected were those of the previous generation of the Mazda 3 as well as the Mazda 2. The dates of manufacture of both models are from the years 2010 and 2011 and it seems to be that they were only affected models that were sold in the united States. However, despite the fact that the firm called more than 170 thousand cars to go through their workshops, have had to re-make this same call to review because there are still several thousand that have not been reviewed.

In this case the number of vehicles affected is much lower the first time, but still in Mazda want to make sure that no car is still with the seats in a poor state. Therefore, for the month of march we will be in touch with the customers that are listed in your database so that you can spend for free for your service officer nearest you. How it is logical, this repair maintenance will not be any cost to the customer and shall be performed with priority over other types of operations.

Source – National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)

Mazda 2
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