Mazda RX Vision Concept: the rotary engine back to Mazda! And we looked at it in 5 keys

look upon him with care. It is a prototype, no more. Not what you’re going to see – at least as shown in these photographs – in the street. But the Mazda RX Vision Concept has managed to steal all the attention in the Classroom of Tokyo and to do that Mazda re-excite and conquer us. No matter which Mazda just has given data, or tracks, of the plans of the mark of Hiroshima for the next few years. We know that here is hiding something really important. And above all else, the Mazda RX Vision Concept is the confirmation of a fact: the rotary engine back to Mazda!

1. the return of The rotary engine. If you’ve ever dreamed with the return of an engine, that engine was probably the rotary engine, the Wankel engine. This is one of the mechanics more añoradas and desired by the lovers of the mechanics and speed. This is the wonder of the art, the memory of iconic sports, and even success in the competition, as the victory in the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1991. In a world of downsizing, and engines three and four cylinder in-line turbo-charged, to us it was hard to imagine that the rotary engine had site, at least beyond the hydrogen (in which the rotary motors have already had their corresponding experimental application, also from Mazda).

In any case, Mazda officially confirmed that the rotary engine will return under the name SKYACTIV-A. A motor in which, according to the recognize, had continued to work despite the cessation of production after completion of the manufacturing of the RX-8.


2. The best base for a rotary engine is a sporty. Please don’t hesitate. The event of the return of the rotary engine is important enough to the vehicle to which equipe is a piece truly spectacular. The fact that the rotary engine return is practically the confirmation of that in the catalog of Mazda there will be a sports high-flying, or at least a sport, or gran coupe, which is erected above the Mazda MX-5.

Mazda just provides us with more data about this prototype, and about your future, as you have read in this article. But it is reasonable to think that in the next two or three years – or even before – we will have news about this model.

mazda-rx-vision-concept-053. A sporty with the appearance of this prototype. There are reasons, and an experience behind, to invite us to think that this prototype is something more than a design exercise, something more than a show. In recent years, Mazda has shown us how their prototypes more important, we envisioned a new product, they were virtually patterned to the product that is finally arrived at the dealers.

Away from its proportions and its spectacular appearance, away from how exciting it is to see again a great sport at the stand of Mazda, this Mazda RX Vision Concept is not as futuristic and edgy as to be imagined strolling down the street. It is more, not desentonaría nothing in the streets of Monaco, Puerto Banus, or less attention to a Ferrari and a Lamborghini with the one that shares the same parking lot next to the best restaurant in Rome.

to reach out to the dealers, this car would become the most daring and exciting of the new era of Mazda.

mazda-rx-vision-concept-134. The finding of one was full of successes. And speaking of that new era of Mazda, we have to say that this prototype, the return of the rotary engine, the possibility that Mazda re-manufacture a great sport, and so on, is not more than the confirmation of the successful career of Mazda in the recent years.

Mazda was a brand that was going really bad. The losses are not referred, their range of products was outdated, and the answer is to be found in a plan that long-term was intended to revolutionize their design, and revolutionize the strategy to follow with its mechanics to respond to environmental challenge, and efficiency, of the market. They opted for a bold design, and a strategy engine atypical, by solutions, including the continued use of diesel engines of large displacement and low compression, and gas engines of high compression and no turbo, that have worked.

Thus, in 2013, and for the first time in five years, Mazda came back to the benefits. The success of products like the CX-5, did that Mazda also grew notably in Spain. In fact, the Spanish market became one of the most important to Mazda in Europe.


5. Illusion and history. Mazda reminds us of the beginnings of the rotary engine in your brand, with the Cosmo Sport (also known as Mazda 110’S) in 1967. Reminds us of their success at Le Mans. It reminds us of the RX-7 and RX-8.

And even though your press release in Tokyo, and his statements about the Mazda RX Vision Concept, and the rotary engine, assure us that this is only the beginning, that we should be very attentive to the news that Mazda will be launching in the next few years. Maybe because of all that I have explained in this article.

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