Mazda RX-VISION, the last hope for the rotary engine

engines and rotary or Wankel engines (in honour of its creator) have been developing since the 1920s. They are able to achieve a performance greater than the typical blocks of pistons vertical, but have serious defects that have forced its abandonment, but not by Mazda, who took advantage of the Lounge of Tokyo 2015 will introduce us to their last hope, the Mazda RX-VISION.


The design KODO allows for a design simply spectacular

From over five years ago we didn’t see a car with a rotary engine on the market, and it was nothing more and nothing less than the famous Mazda RX-8. A gem highly collectible and that even to this day it remains a paradigm of this type of engineering. However the japanese brand ditched its use in order to block the more conventional, but there’s no one to pull them out of their thirteen. Well by Mazda.

After years of tuning, engineers believe they have come up with the solution to the problems of the Wankel engine. Your new engine SKYACTIV-R is embodied in this concept so spectacular, that in some way recalls, and much, the Mazda RX-7. At the moment there are no figures or data, but Mazda reports that the development process has resulted in a considerable improvement in the performance of this type of engines.

The RX-VISION, in addition to have a look simply spectacular, thanks to the design philosophy of KODO, has a classical configuration, boasts of a configuration rather classic and repeated in the sport Mazda, front-engine, rear-wheel drive. The japanese know that this is the formula for success, for something to bear using it for decades in one of the most celebrated sports in the world, the Mazda MX-5.


That rear is very reminiscent of the Mazda RX-7