Mazda shows the first images of your CX-8

Mazda CX-8 adelanto

The market for SUVS continues to grow and to move forward in their colonization of other segments. Proof of this is that many brands are prioritizing the development of this type of vehicle than that of other more rational or traditional. The great american companies (General Motors, Fiat Chrysler Automobile – FCA – and Ford Motor) have decided to focus your financial efforts and productive in to launch more products of this segment.

One of the brands that is achieving very good results business with the sale of this type of models is the japanese Mazda. Since put on the market the compact SUV CX-5 has become one of their best selling models. After he decided to to refresh its range with the CX-3, CX-9 and will soon reach more models. They already have in China, the CX-4 is an SUV with an air of coupe, which is only sold in this region of the world and it does not intend to make the leap into other global markets.

Mazda CX-8 adelanto

however, a problem exists in the range SUV from Mazda because the japanese market is crying out for a model of a certain size with seven seats. The matter is that the CX-9 was developed by thinking only in the united States and is larger than it should be for sale in Japan well. The highest problem is the width for the streets of the asian country are more narrow than those of the american, and therefore the CX-9 will not be able to function well in the traffic of the country.

For this reason, from the leadership of Mazda in Japan would have thought of to launch a variant of the CX-9 american for the country. The CX-8, which is as it would be called only for Japan, it would take given the same platform of its bigger brother CX-9, however what retocarán the engineers of the house of Hiroshima will be the external dimensions, reducing the width of 1,84 meters. The distance between axes would be kept intact, as with 2,92 meters must accommodate in its interior up to seven seats.

As the advancement of this model, Mazda has decided to make public the first two images of its upcoming CX-8. At aesthetic exterior is very reminiscent of the CX-4 and CX-9 (per your profile more sporty), and its interior is reminiscent of the saloon-6. Obviously is still a concept, but it surely will not be long in coming to Japan. mechanical, according to the rumours, could be the block the diesel SkyActiv-D 2.2-liter in the front and 175 hp of power.

Soon we will know more details, but the brand should not take a long time to present it in a formal manner.

Source – Mazda

Mazda CX-5
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