Mazda Skyactiv-X, the gasoline engine without spark plugs that will arrive in 2019

As we explained during the proof of the Mazda3, for several weeks, the japanese brand is one of the few that has not resorted to downsizing to be able to adapt to the increasingly demanding standards of anti-pollution. In diesel use blocks of large displacements for power is not too high, while the thrusters of gasoline don’t even use boost for turbo.

in this way, Mazda is not unusual to find a mechanical 2.0 petrol with 120 HP, the relations of capacity and power that we could see for three decades and without which we call the attention. In order to achieve the low fuel consumption and emissions contaminants used, above all, the high compression ratios. The manufacturer nippon wants to go a step further and announces that in 2019 we will have a gasoline engine without spark plugs.

Mazda called Skyactiv-X and will be the first commercial engine of gasoline that does not use a spark to explosion of the fuel, but the compression, as in the engines of diesel fuel. It is not something easy to achieve, because they control the exact time of the burning of the fuel in the head of the piston when no switch-on spark is quite complicated, not to be that is achieved with pressures of fuel injection.

The brand is quite convinced that, with the compression ignition and the help of a turbocharger is integrated, the Skyactiv-X help you to get a delivery of torque between 10 and 30 % higher than that of their current thrusters of gasoline. On the other hand, they also claim that the efficiency of the new engine will be between 20 and 30% more than the current Skyactiv-G current, and between a 35 and a 45 % in relation to the engine of the year 2008.

Mazda has not entered into details about the inner workings of this new propellant without spark plugs that will arrive in 2019. We do not know if, as in the case of the modern diesel, the mixture will explode in the cylinder at the time that the injectors pulverize very high pressure gas or if, on the contrary, they will use another different method.

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