Mazda unveils officially the new CX-8 7-seater


New Mazda CX-8.

The japanese company is unveiling its new SUV 7-seater in a curious way, as it was for quite some time now unveiled the first teaser of the model, and now, several months later, Mazda shows us a new advancement of the CX-8, which virtually reveals the model to the full, although we had already been able to see previously naked thanks to the latest spy photos.

In the image published by the mark, find the new CX-8 in your profile view to the full, without any type of camouflage or touch up, so we can make us to the idea of its true dimensions and shapes. Until now we had only seen its spacious inside and its behind.

as we can see in the image, account with the aesthetics of the range SUV of the brand from Hiroshima, both the front and the side reminds us instantly of the model on which it is based, the CX-5. With respect to this earn up to 345 mm in length and 60 mm in height, but shared with the CX-5 the width 1.840 mm The biggest changes we’re going to find in the rear area, with a C-pillar redesigned and more bulky.


the interior of The CX-8.

In spite of its resemblance with the CX-5, when we see the images and the data of the new CX-8 the first model that comes to mind is the CX-9, a model positioned above the CX-8 but it shares with this the dimension of distance between axes, to 2,930 mm While the CX-8 is considerably shorter than this, since the larger model has 175 mm longer than the length.

Although the brand does not need to worry about the possible rivalry between both models, since the CX-8 will share the market with the CX-9, because the new SUV 7-seater will be aimed, at least initially, exclusive to the japanese market, where precisely is not available on the CX-9.

The new Mazda CX-8 should be presented in the coming weeks, and your marketing will start in the market the home at some time in the second half of 2017. From now on, only referred to the mechanical version, as declared by the brand, a motor diesel SKYACTIV-D new-generation 2.2-litre, with 6-speed automatic transmission. The CX-8 will have the option of mounting seats for six or seven passengers.