Mazda will give a twist to their engines SkyActiv

Mazda Skyactiv

When Mazda presented its new generation of mechanical diesel and gasoline SkyActiv all the world was a little stop. Instead of following the path that the vast majority of brands on the market took with the downsizing, she decided to pull down the street in the middle. What it did was keep displacements “relatively” high and bet on the other kind of techniques as to improve the compression ratio or reduce the internal frictions of its engine.

This series of improvements made its mechanics to achieve data of consumption and emissions equal to that of its main rivals without having to gamble on expensive technologies. The most common case is that of their mechanical diesel, because they manage to meet the demanding Euro 6 legislation without the need for using System Catalytic Reduction (SCR) that is already assembled almost all the brands in the market.

Prueba Mazda 3 Skyactiv G 120 CV Style motor consumo

Now that it seems that downsizing is not the best way to reduce emissions and consumption, the brand will continue betting on their mechanical SkyActiv. According to the company, the next evolution of these mechanics could make it to the market under the hood of the new generation of the Mazda 3. All this would be programmed for the next year, 2018 and could make the compact japanese continued to be one of the best efficiency in its category.

however for this new iteration of their mechanical SkyActiv would come with innovations such as the Load Homogeneous Compression Ignition (HCCI) that would allow that allows the mixture of fuel and air to be performed outside of the combustion chamber, as occurs in gasoline engines with indirect injection. In this case the mixture is not ignited by a spark produced by a spark plug, but that is done by the auto-ignition by compression of the mixture as occurs in diesel engines.

by Applying this system that would be to improve the performance of the engine when circulating at low speeds and with a level of requirement of power medium-low, since their performance in these circumstances is much greater. In addition, it would allow their emissions of NOx and soot particles are lower that of a diesel.

In the paper seem to be all advantages, we will be attentive to the announcements of the brand to know their evolution.

Source – Mazda

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