Mazda will have its first 100% electric vehicle in 2019

Mazda Research EuropeNot quite two weeks since we spoke about negotiations confirmed between Mazda and Toyota for share technologies in the development of future electric vehicles. Those negotiations are still in the case, but as confirmed by Kiyoshi Fujiwara, head of the research and development of the brand, Mazda will be in marketing your first all-electric vehicle in 2019 for certain markets where most electric currently marketed.

One of these markets is Norway, a country pointer in the field of electric vehicles where the infrastructures are properly suited for this type of cars zero emissions. Will be among the first countries to receive the Mazda electric, if this is not the first… later, probably a year later, the first vehicle electrical propulsion of Mazda extended by other markets where the demand for EV is lower.

Mazda Research EuropeStated Fujiwara to our fellow australians Car Advice that by the year 2020 the global market share for electric vehicles is between 5 and 10 %, while the rest will continue to use internal combustion engines traditional. “We are focusing on the vehicles of internal combustion, but in some regions we need to EV, therefore, by 2019, approximately, we introduce EV in parts of the world where they are needed”. “The thrusters traditional will still be the most important technology”, he added.

on the other hand, it is likely that Mazda take as a basis a model of thermal engine for its first electric vehicle. The reason for this is because, according to Fujiwara, the electric Vehicle will not need to assemble large quantities of battery packs and, therefore, it shall not be necessary to modify too much the existing designs. This would be a great advantage for the company if they get an electric vehicle effective in terms of power and autonomy, as would save a lot of money by not having to develop a new vehicle, starting from nothing. In any case, it is not known which vehicle will result.

Source – Car Advice