Mazda will present a prototype sports coupe in the Tokyo


Mazda first photo showed a preview of a conceptual work that will be leading the Tokyo Motor Show to be held next month. It is a sports coupe that makes us dream of the return of the RX-7.


Mazda prototipo Salón del Automóvil de Tokyo 2015 M azda photograph showed up after this prototype that will lead to Tokyo Motor Show which will open on the 30th of next month. It is a sport, which for now has no name and that despite the dark image, let see us body coupe type , with many curves, well short tail and a head with longish hood.

At the moment the only thing Mazda forward is that this is a sporty modern look , but at the same time manages to condense the history of Mazda in relation to development sports car into a single model. Although the press release does not specify anything else, knowing that since leaving production of RX-8 Japanese brand does not have a truly sporty model, it is not unreasonable to think of a successor mythical RX-7 .

Along with this prototype, the Japanese prepared an array of 14 different models to present at his home in the Tokyo Motor Show . Although not everything will be new, because there will be two variants of the MX-5 , the production version of Koeru, plus some historic vehicles .



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