Mazda3 2017: your 'restyling', discovered in these spy photos


the renewal of The Mazda3 has been sighted in Japan: in the country of the rising sun, the compact is called the Mazda Axela, but beyond his steering wheel to the right and small changes to adapt to each market we are looking at the same model sold in Europe.

After his first filtered image, the Mazda3 2017 is discovered completely in these spy photos without camouflage, and from the hand of two different units that were waiting to transport it, both of the body-five doors. The presentation of your restyling is very close, and will come with an aesthetic up-to-date and new developments in equipment.

don’t expect major changes, but Mazda3 2017 evolve the design ‘KODO’ with details that remind of the more recent models of the brand zoom-zoom, as for example the Mazda CX-3. Your front will highlight thanks to its new grille, with a chrome trim thicker that binds with your headlights.


Also their optical front have been redesigned, and will be able to incorporate technology Full LED. The latest modifications in the design have come from the hand of the bumper, and of their rear-view mirrors, now with flashing integrated. Do not expect big changes in its range of engines, and the newly introduced diesel SkyActiv-D 1.5-liter and 105 HP will still be present.

Its interior will seek to transmit more refinement, incorporating a new multi-function steering wheel and a hollow larger, integrated in its central console, hidden by a curtain folding. There will be an updated equipment in the field of multimedia and electronic aids to driving: the Mazda3 2017 will be presented officially in the next few weeks, and its european debut will occur at the beginning of October, in the Paris Salon 2016.