McChip-DKR wants your BMW 220i is more powerful than the Audi S3

If you have a BMW 220i and echabas in lack more power we have good news. McChip-DKR has prepared a kit of empowerment for the BMW 2-Series that leads to the alternative of 184 horses up to a considerable 320 horses, a figure that is closer to the figures announced by the BMW M235i, the prelude to the BMW M2.

The BMW 220i has a starting price in Spain of 33.700 euros:

in Addition to increasing the power of the block 4-cylinder and 2-liter cubicaje from the 184 horses until the 320 horses is increased in torque from 270 Nm up to the 435 Nm. This program of empowerment has a price of 6.400 euros and includes, in addition to the reprogramming of rigor, a new exhaust system and a new turbo.

If you’d prefer shelling out a little less for 1100 € you can take the 220i until the 255 horses, by increasing the torque up to 400 Nm.

Together with these two kit of potentiation provides a new game 19-inch alloy wheels and a new system of suspensions.