McLaern-Honda prepares improvements in engine and aerodynamic

Fernando Alonso en Mónaco 2016After the GP of Great Britain, the teams have been two days of this week to make a test on the circuit of Silverstone. There has been rolling around Fernando Alonso with the MP4-31 the first day and Vandoorne in the second. McLaren has passed the 100 laps per day, which is good news for the concern you had about the reliability. Remember, as they started the last year…

in Addition to reliability, they have been able to check the data of the improvements introduced in the last race, being able to improve the optimization that is made of them in terms of engine. But not only had to analyze what already presented, it also appears that they were testing some improvements engine and many other aerodynamics. As Fernando announced that they would have a major upgrade soon, and Vandoorne have not downloaded that they reach for the next GP in Hungary.

Stoffel Vandoorne con el mono de McLaren-HondaVandoorne has noticed a great difference with respect to the MP4-31 of the test in Barcelona, the car has progressed in all senses and that is great news for the fans who support McLaren-Honda, or any of its drivers. To see a McLaren-Honda as the 2015 is not liked by anyone and this has a negative effect on their coffers, as the team from Woking has been devalued by its poor results, coupled with the problems of Brexit, it does not help for nothing.

Vandoorne has spoken with the press about the feelings and his work with the simulator, where he has had very intense days trying lots of things. In addition, he has had the opportunity to get on the car real in these tests, and ensures that the sensations are of progress and that: “we Tested several new systems that we have in the car. There were many things to do, so we’ve done a lot this morning. There are always things that happen outside of the scene, especially in the test there are a lot of things, not just aerodynamics, the work of the engine also, and it is Honda who is in charge of it.“.