McLaren 570S and 540C: over 500,000 km of testing before McLaren double sales

In late March McLaren we presented a McLaren 570S with the starting signal for a line of products that were baptized under the Sport Series label and in addition to this 570S one 540C included was given forming both one first line of products on which would extend the McLaren McLaren 650S and 675LT besides, of course, the McLaren P1. What you might not know is that this product line was still developing and that the first units arrive to the streets in fall before end 2015.

McLaren reminds us that despite having presented both frames, the 540C, the 570S, months ago is still in the process of pre-production, testing both models in a variety of climates, through Arizona and Nevada, Sweden and the United united, testing them both on road and covering a distance of about 500,000 kilometers of test circuit.

In addition, the production center McLaren has also begun the process of adapting to accommodate these new models. This model line will be integrated into the product line Super Series, where the 650S occurs.

With this new product line McLaren opens to a considerably larger audience, flirting with the reserved territory mainly to the Porsche 911 and seeking the end of 2017, double the current turnover of the signing of Woking.

About the McLaren 570S and 540C

Developed both on the familiar carbon fiber chassis McLaren McLaren 570S and 540C are proposing, based on the well known 3.8 liter V8 Twin-Turbo, two power levels, meeting with a power of 570 horses and 540 other horses.

both traits are unmistakable flavor of McLaren, with a very close both its exterior aesthetics as in the design of its interior. Both have a great tourism approach the Super Series, have a higher calling to comfort though of course not lose sight of the benefits.

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