McLaren 570S Spider: the convertible will be a reality by the end of 2017

McLaren 570S Spider - recreación

Recreation of the McLaren 570S Spider. Credit: X-Tomi Design.

Although in the past few weeks McLaren Automotive is still news by the start of the long of his new McLaren 720S, the british manufacturer continues to work on numerous projects related with the rest of its range. Proof of this is that there is a new version of Spider that is just around the corner and we will know before the end of the current year. We talked about the new McLaren 570S Spider.

Since he made his particular debut around the year 2015 during the Auto show in New York it was taken for granted that sooner or later would welcome the variant convertible. Finally, and after much waiting, the new McLaren 570S Spider is closer to be introduced as its launch will take place at the end of this year as confirmed itself Mike Flewitt, CEO of McLaren Automotive.

Following the line of the versions Spider to which we are accustomed McLaren, we will have a model that will share mechanical components and other items with its fixed roof. The only difference between the two will be the possibility to enjoy your driving in the open air. Yes, their performance will be somewhat affected by body type.

McLaren 570S

McLaren 570S with bodywork coupe. He made his debut in the Auto show of New York 2015.

therefore, we anticipate that the new McLaren 570S Spider will be powered by a engine V8 Twin-Turbo 3.8-liter with 570 HP and 600 Nm of maximum torque combined with a gearbox seven-speed that will send the power generated by the mentioned engine to the rear axle. The 570S Coupe can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.2 seconds and reach a top speed of 320 km/h. The model Spider you will see worsened so mild these figures.

Its price encourages some 25,000 euros with respect to the coupe. Taking advantage of the confirmation of the arrival of the 570S Spider at the end of 2017, Flewitt pointed out that there are no intentions to launch a 540C Spider or a 540 GT, two variants that have been talking about on more than one occasion, and that, therefore, rule out their possible development:

“When a McLaren 540C you add all the options and changes relevant to put on the market a version Spider of the same, its price will be at the level of the 570S, it is for this reason that it makes no sense. Nor will there be a 540 GT”.