McLaren 675LT JVCKENWOOD, technology at the service of the lightness

McLaren 675 LT JVCKENWOODThe McLaren 675LT has already sold its entire production both in the body-a convertible as a coupe, but that does not stop in the CES 2016 Las Vegas there is a unit a special. The McLaren 675LT JVCKENWOOD concept is a one-off that celebrates 25 years of collaboration between both parties in the Formula 1. This unit features some technologies that within a few years will be present in the car.

In the interior of the McLaren 675LT JVCKENWOOD goes a step beyond the standard model in search of the maximum lightness. The box of watches disappears and its functions occupies a Head-Up Display that projects the information of the driving on the moon front. In this way not only saves weight, but makes it easier to read the information while driving.


Cameras replace the mirrors on this McLaren 675LT

The cameras are in charge of providing optimum rear visibility. mirrors to disappear to give way to three cameras. The place of the lateral mirrors is occupied by two cameras located in a few specific columns that reduce vehicle weight and improve the resistance to the air. In the rear is also located a third chamber which serves as a mirror to central.The combination of the three chambers provides an extraordinary view to the rear, completely eliminating the dead spots of the field of vision.

The McLaren 675LT JVCKENWOOD is slightly difference in the exterior of the rest of the 675LT by a few stripes of silver and the new rearview mirrors. On the inside the changes are more noticeable due to the incorporation of the wheel of the McLaren P1 GTR, the disappearance of the box of watches, which is replaced by an air outlet, and the dashboard covered in black leather. The orange leather brings a note of color to the passenger compartment and is present on the sides of the seats and armrests, as well as on the centre tunnel, where you will note the absence of the console with the controls of the air conditioning. The central part of the seats and the carpet are of a mate

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