McLaren 675LT JVCKENWOOD: the batmobile McLaren has a steering wheel (and a little more)

The McLaren 675LT is one of the sports most unique, special, and radical, McLaren. The Woking have not been taken in vain, the initials LT, recovering the emblem Long Tail that one day dressed version of the “long tail” of the McLaren F1. Only it has been planned to produce 500 units, and all of them have been awarded, as has also happened more recently with the McLaren 675LT Spider, its variant convertible. And how they could make this machine a beast even more radical? Requesting the services of JVC Kenwood electronics specialist. The result is called a McLaren 675LT JVCKENWOOD, and it is simply spectacular.

The 500 units of the 675LT, and the 500 units of the 675LT Spider, the most radical versions based on the McLaren 650S, were sold out in a few weeks.

McLaren has gone to the CES 2016 with a 675LT dress. A sporty with bodywork in gloss black, gray stripe with the emblem of KENWOOD, black rims, trimmed of skin, and something more than props.

to move beyond the limitations that offers a sport that, despite everything, has to provide a minimum of convenience, and amenities worthy of a car that costs several hundreds of thousands of euros, McLaren and his partner JVC Kenwood have had free reign to create a cabin futuristic, focused solely and exclusively on your driver, and worthy of a racing car.


Its central console has been removed
, regardless of the entertainment systems that the only thing that would do would be to add weight.

Your steering wheel has been replaced by what you see in the image above, a steering wheel worthy of a racing car. In fact, if we look closely we will see that its design is very similar to that of GT3 racing McLaren (see photo). The instrumentation has been removed, and in its place will be a system Head-Up Display that will project data, such as the speed, and the indications that want to send the pilot, projecting it on the windshield, so that this does not have to look away from the track.


This McLaren, in search of a aerodynamics even more perfect, would have done away with mirrors, instead using cameras exterior. Also would be a screen in place of the exterior mirror to display images of the rear, from a third camera.

The bad news is that this McLaren 675LT JVCKENWOOD is not going to be marketed. The good news is that these solutions will very likely end up coming, one way or another, to the next sports brand. It is very likely that one day we find ourselves with a sport that, like this McLaren, they dispense with instrumentation and equipment of entertainment, to show us all the information projected on the windshield.

Source: McLaren
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