McLaren 675LT Spider, so is the new “long tail” convertible


The McLaren 675LT was presented in Salon Geneva 2015, giving way to a new model situated below the McLaren P1, the current flagship of Woking. With 675 HP, the ‘Long Tail’ could be seen as a more radical and prestacional of the McLaren 650S, presuming in addition to a more exclusive because we only manufacture 500 units of the model, already sold in its entirety.

Now reaches its convertible version: this is the McLaren 675LT Spider, of which we have spoken before through our spy photos. In these images you can see the final appearance that will be the model. You will have a retractable hard top in the style of ‘Targa’, composed of three parts and that can be opened automatically in motion, at speeds up to 30 km/h.


This McLaren 675LT Spider has the same engine of the coupe version, a V8 twin-turbo 3.8 liter 675 CV. The benefits are virtually identical in this “long tail” convertible, with a 0-100 km/h in 2,9 seconds and a maximum speed of 327 km/h. Due to the roof mechanism, its weight is 40 kg higher compared to the closed version, marking 1.270 kg in scale.

Even so, the McLaren 675LT Spider is 100 kg lighter and 25 HP more powerful than the McLaren 650S Spider, thanks to a reduction of weight which includes, among other details, panels bodywork made in carbon fiber. On the other hand, their emissions certified CO2 amounting to 275 g/km,

production of the McLaren 675LT Spider will be limited once again to 500 units, price not yet releases. In this way, McLaren will have a clear rival to other exclusive sporting convertibles, like the new Ferrari 488 Spider with 670 HP.