McLaren 688HS: first leaked image of the new 'High Sport' 688 HP


McLaren 688HS, in his first filtered image

McLaren Automotive has already launched a new model. After exhausting the limited production of its McLaren P1 and McLaren 675LT in a record time, the McLaren 688HS is presented in Paris Salon 2016 willing to top the current range of sports of Woking: his tagline ‘HS’ announces the first model with last name ‘High Sport’.

This is the first real image of the next McLaren 688HS, from the forum McLaren Life, that shows us a clear air of family on its front. Will be based on the own McLaren 675LT, but it will be even more radical than this: the V8 engine twin-turbo 3.8-liter will reach the 688 CV, and will have a aerodynamics capable of generating a higher downforce.


Recreation digital McLaren 688HS by Autogespot, that hastens his ultimate design

In the McLaren 688HS -name most likely, but not yet confirmed – we will find a prominent spoiler lower front carbon fiber and a rear spoiler is directly inspired by models of competition such as the McLaren 650S GT3. Their production will be extremely limited, and there is talk that only manufactured 25 units, a figure much lower than the 500 units manufactured for the 675LT, and many other of the 675LT Spider.

In this way, the McLaren 688 High Sport will be a model for collectors, and its manufacturing will handle the division McLaren Special Operations. Will keep the same chassis carbon-fibre monocoque of the 650S and 675 LT, but on the whole it will be about 40 kilograms lighter than the latter. More extreme and more exclusive: so will be the McLaren 688HS, which presumably will become the ultimate evolution of the series.