McLaren 688HS, it filters the first image of the new High Sport

McLaren 688HS filtradoa few months Have passed since we talked for the first time McLaren 688HS. The new sports signature in Woking, which we had seen on a few recreations, has appeared for the first time in the form of filtered image. This confirms that the termination ‘High Sport’ is taking force and that soon will be among us. The 688HS takes as base the McLaren 675LT, although will be something more radical.

This means that you will continue to carry the motor V8 biturbo engine of 3.8 liters that was already in the ‘LongTail’. Although as it is a variant more sporty, there will be an increase in power and rise up to 688 HP, as its name indicates. If the 675LT was already light by itself, in this 688HS has been achieved to remove up to 40 kg, so that he is expected to have a behavior more dynamic if possible.

McLaren 688HSAnother of the highlights in the McLaren 688HS and that you can see in the photo, is the aerodynamics. Is focused for track use and will be more effective than in the base model. In its front part we can see, a splitter, a more prominent, new air intakes to cool the brakes, or a large air intake on the roof. In your behind which more flame the attention is the huge rear spoiler fixed which replaces the mobile phone that we saw in the 675LT.

Another of the traits that characterize the McLaren 688HS will be its exclusivity. While the McLaren 675LT is made 500 units, and subsequently a further 500 more than the version Spider, the new model will have a spin much more limited. Although there is nothing official you speak of is manufactured only 25 units. If you are thinking of getting one of them, sorry, but apparently all have an owner already.

Source – McLaren Life