McLaren 720S Velocity MSO: the first special version of the 720S

New McLaren 720 MSO Velocity.

Just a few hours after having presented the new 720S in Geneva, McLaren desvelaba the first special version of the model prepared by the division McLaren Special Operations, better known by its acronym MSO.

Called Velocity by MSO, this new version is the live example of the capabilities of the new model, as this will serve as an example of the possibilities of the customization program. The brand has not revealed that has technical changes, just aesthetic, so we are just before a exercise customization official.

“The mission of the MSO is to complete the desire of the customers in terms of exclusivity when choosing your McLaren,” according to Ansar Ali, head of McLaren MSO. “The sculpted beauty of the new 720S allows us to a perfect starting point for customers to be creative and to the specifications of the MSO 720S ‘Velocity’ is a sample a sample of the personalization options that are possible “.

This is the first official image with the steering wheel to the left of the 720S.

This has a color scheme called Velocity, hence the name of this piece, and is formed by two types of red pearl finish. We also find it in red a few surfaces that have a finish of carbon seen, so we find different textures and shades of red in various parts of the body of the model.

In contrast we have the alloy wheels in bronze color, and the area of the passenger compartment, as a few other items in black color. The carbon fiber is present in various elements, both on the exterior and the interior, and in the cabin we find elements in red, such as the dashboard, the seats or door panels.

The price of this customization has not been revealed, but it is estimated that walketh around 400,000 euros. The copy of the images is present in the stand of the brand in Geneva, and we understand that in story available the new 720S in the market, the options, the MSO will be.