McLaren again uses the orange for the announcement of the MP4-32

Fernando en el cockpit de su MP4-31

McLaren already used the orange to make a few lines on a model of the MP4-31 that was used for an event of one of their sponsors, they also did so to specify the date of presentation of the MP4-32, using social networks to officially announce that we will be able to see the new vehicle on 24 February. That woke a stir in the networks on the possible change of color.

is nothing new, it is carried away with the colors white and red McLaren-Honda or historical around the orange from 2015. Many were the fans who were excited with the return of orange, the colour of the McLaren for new F1 cars, but it didn’t. The Woking chose this graphite grey that you have used in the last two seasons, forgetting the silver-grey of its era with Merecdes.

McLaren F1

well, it said in a twitter that had passed the crash test and announced that now played “paint it”, a fact that could pass unnoticed if it were not for the constant uses of the orange McLaren. Now I have returned to make, and by the official social networks of the british team have returned to using lines of orange to remember the date of February 24, 2017, for the presentation. Read, in particular, “February can only mean one thing… with #ChangeYourGame (Change your game).

So it is very likely that the new design of McLaren-Honda MP4-32 is orange, as if you don’t change with all these tracks you are leaving, it would be a great disappointment for the fans. What is certain is that we do not know if you simply used areas in orange, lines or whether it will be completely painted orange like the design that used our Peter in tests during his time at McLaren…