McLaren and hopes of 2017: the press lies

Zak Brown

Numerous and important communication media have been echoed by some statements made Zak Brown, talking about the sponsors a few days ago. And is that the new president of McLaren spoke of who won’t get a major sponsor for 2017, are working hard so that it arrives in 2018, but is already lost this year to need at least a year to ensure that the agreements are good…

well, these words of Zak, the press has already been taken out of the sleeve, as usual, fake news. In particular, have taken a deep pessimism about the season McLaren in 2017 it was finished in terms of performance. That hopes were set in 2018, and already were lost this 2017. But in terms of sponsors that will inject more money, never spoke of performance, and if you want to renew with Fernando Alonso, had better be a good year.

Alonso empuja su McLaren-Honda

Honestly neither I nor anyone else, nor even the engineers of McLaren and Honda know how will be in this world, because they know their data, but not what is doing the rest. The only thing that can compare is with the past year, but no team has been remaining idle, and even less with the new changes so extreme that it is expected to 2017 (in which McLaren have a lot of hopes put).

Some of the statements of McLaren have revealed that they would not be happy if you are not the fourth car, or better, Honda is providing positive information and support that they want to catch Mercedes this year in terms of power. In fact, now McLaren has been associated with Stratasys to use 3D printing to speed up the manufacturing of the models of their designs and improve so quickly… No one has said that 2017 is finished for them! Where do you draw those things?