McLaren announces that in 2022, at least 50 percent of its models will be hybrids

McLaren 570 GT puertas abiertasSurely I will not imaginabais a few years ago that the segment of the supercar would be full of electric motors and hybrid systems. It was hard to think that cars of more than half a million euros, made for and by the enjoyment of those who gets behind the wheel, able to turn to this technology. Today, it is a solution known and used by most manufacturers. McLaren is one of those firms a long time ago works with these systems, and what is certain is that there will no longer do so. The brand announces that in 2022, at least 50 percent of your offer will be occupied by hybrid models.

And these aspirations that arrive by way of the new business plan that pose for the next few years. Called Tack22, the firm seeks to continue to evolve their range and mount in more than half of their models hybrid systems. has invested $ 1.4 million in research and development, money that will, among other things, for the creation of a new engine, completely new, or the release of versions full electric. Yes, you heard well, McLaren could launch an all-electric vehicle that would be placed on top of the manufacturer’s bid.

McLaren 570 GT vista frontalIn the same way they plan to bring to the market 15 new models from among those who will have new variants of well-known names in the current range and new products. One of these new alternatives that we will see will be the convertible version of the McLaren 570, an option of the that have already arisen many render and that possibly we’ll see you next year, in 2017. On the other hand after the success has been the round of the last Long Tail, the brand intends to focus on this denomination, LT and continue to develop models.

All of this will arrive in the next six years as part of the new project of the brand with headquarters in Woking. While the same director-general Mike Flewitt has said that the company will continue to work as it has done until now to develop the best sporting two-seater.

Source – WorlCarFans