McLaren asks whether to jump on the bandwagon of the all-wheel-drive

The world of supercars every time it cleanses more by the wheel drive, although there are manufacturers that continue to be committed to the propulsion rear. The engine sends its power only to the rear wheels tends to be more fun than a car that uses awd. The case is that, with the huge figures of power and torque that you are getting now, the drive back you lose a lot of efficiency, as the tires are not able to digest such energy.

Without going any further, we have already seen as a powerful car that they have always resorted to the propulsion back have already made the leap to the all-wheel drive. The last and most striking cases, but not supercars, that we’ve known are the BMW M5 and the Mercedes-AMG E63. It seems that the british brand McLaren also plans on integrating the traction integral in some of their models, although no confirmations officers that are going to materialize.

McLaren, until now, had offered all its products only with traction on the rear axle; even the McLaren 720S and McLaren P1, of 720 and 916 HP, respectively. However, according to cite our fellow Car & Driver, the CEO of McLaren, Mile Flewitt, stating that “we are Not planning at this time, but we are aware that it is a direction that we might want to take”.

The above-mentioned BMW M5 and Mercedes-AMG E63 incorporate all-wheel drive, having mounted a drive shaft for the front. In addition, these two models germans have the ability to decouple completely and to the liking of the driver, the front axle, being able to stay as a propulsion back traditional.

McLaren does not think of the idea of launching a axle to the front train to transmit power from the engine heat, but in to get that all-wheel drive using electric motors; something that is becoming more and more common, as in the Ferrari LaFerrari. The negative side is that the entire electrical system and batteries considerably increase the weight of the assembly, which is not a good thing when it comes to supercars. The positive point is that, in addition to improving motor skills, also you can slightly reduce the emissions and consumptions, in addition to to get a 0 to 100 km/h much faster.

Source – Car & Driver

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