McLaren believes Alonso will pass the test of the FIA for the GP of China

Alonso GP de Bahrein 2016Fernando Alonso could not run in the last GP of Bahrain, where the doctors of the AIF underwent a series of tests to see that it was in perfect condition after the accident in the GP of Australia (it seems that is not observed properly) and unexpectedly banned from running. Ron Dennis and Alonso met with Ecclestone and Charlie Waiting after the free practice during the last race to see if I could run at the last minute, but eventually he respected the decision of the doctors.

Now Fernando Alonso should happen in the next few days another medical test to see who is in the form to be able to contest the GP of China, to be held this weekend. Although for the last race, everything seemed to indicate that it would run after give him the nod in Australia, finally I can not be. For the GP of China, it seems that it will run after they have recovered from the injuries that he had, as the broken rib and the pneumothorax, and were causing him pain.

Imágenes del accidente de ALonso en el GP de Australia 2016McLaren-Honda expects the pilot spaniard can run: “Confiamos that Alonso will pass the test, but the FIA is the one who has the last word.“. This has been expressed Eric Boullier to the newspaper El Mundo Deportivo. What is certain is that the pilot has also been very active in the social networks after the GP of Bahrain, confirming whether I was training and showing the bruises that still remain on the back, but happy how it is progressing the situation.

This back that gave the FIA gave a lot to talk about, it has even come to insinuate that there was medical malpractice with Alonso in the Australian GP, because he was not seen 24h after the terrible impact, something that should have been done, in addition to having made a scanner that would have detected the breakage of the rib and the pneumothorax, thus avoiding that the pilot was due to fly (something that can be very dangerous according to the doctors) to Spain and then to Bahrain for nothing…